Top 25 Argumentative Essay Topics


The argumentative essay is a particular type of essay that requires a writer to gather relevant information on the argument topic and write according to its requirements and criteria. Writing an argumentative essay is not so easy as your points should be very logical and valid.

Some people might think that an argumentative essay can be written on every topic. But it is not correct. Usually, the argumentative essay should be a debatable one and should be finished in a very concise manner.

You can write the best argumentative essays on topics connected with politics, social issues, gender discrimination, gender roles, attitudes, human behaviors, religion, beliefs, moral values, and purpose of life. Are you’re out of your pocket and worried about hiring someone for essay writing, then Legit Writing Service is there for you!

Best criteria to write an argumentative essay

Have you ever thought, what are the best rules to write an argumentative essay? Well, it is based on two critical factors.

1. An argumentative essay needs well-researched facts and figures.
2. It should be free from any abuse, wrong wordings, and emotional touch.

How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic

If you’re a student and your instructor hasn’t given you any specific topic to write, then you’re lucky. Yes! You can choose the topic based on your interest. It will help you not to get bored or frustrated and can use your flow of ideas and arguments.

Some tips on choosing an argumentative essay topic

Already have discussed above that writing an argumentative essay revolves around two central things. Once you have decided to select a topic, start working on it. Write down your viewpoints and outline it. Creating an outline will help you to write a step by step argumentative essay, covered in all aspects as well.

Here are a few tips on how to choose an argumentative essay topic

Pick a topic of your interest

When you start searching for a topic, you will come across many controversial and potential problems to write on. Here, don’t make a mistake by choosing just a potential topic with no interest. After all, you have to write an argument points from your mindset. Make sure to select the topic, in which you’re enjoying.

Opt for a well-researched article

Opting a well-researched article will help you to write valid points. The reader always wants to remain updated and quality-oriented articles. Thus, the reader will show interest in reading your articles full of informative views and facts.

Find a concrete Argument

Find out the latest controversial topic on the news or social media? And if you find it interested too then, this is the best way to make your reader engaged. Find an argumentative topic as it will help to add more logic and points. You can add more facts to make it an attractive material for readers.

Gather verified facts

Can you explain your argumentative essay without using points? The answer is No! You probably need excellent research to extract the facts. You cannot create an excellent argumentative essay without giving facts and logic. Points should be verified and authentic to support your argument and give it a professional touch.

Formulating an Outline

Do you think to develop an outline before the actual introduction can make the essay more essay for you? Establishing a framework can help you to map your facts and points according to and more effectively.

Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Write on

If there is a list of topics in front of you, then definitely you can get a different idea. Exploring a long list can help you to pick according to your interest. Pick up only those which you think can perform better. Are you facing any difficulty in the selection of the topic? then is there to help you.
Don’t hesitate to use external sources to find the topics that fit into your passion and ability to do. You can also support your argument by putting direct and indirect quotations.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

1. How physical education play a role in the health of the students at the school level?
2. What are the adverse effects of not playing any outdoor sport?
3. Why there is a difference between the salaries of male and female athletes?
4. Playing too many sports in college can decrease your grades?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

5. Use of mobile is a con rather than a pro?
6. Technology is making people materialistic
7. What is the role of education in the education sector?
8. Is using mobile phones are safe for your kid?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

9. Is the use of social media being useful to market the brand?
10. Why do people prefer to stay online these days?
11. Is using the internet these days are compulsory?
12. Which social media platform is better: Facebook or Instagram?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Family Relations

13. Does working woman or a housewife can guide their kids better?
14. How to prevent a divorce after a final fight?
15. Should the home chores be disturbed between all family members?
16. What is the influence of domestic violence on the life of teens?

Argument Essay Topics on Education

17. Should education be free till graduation?
18. Which one is more important: Sports or academics?
19. Should knowledge be essential or securing an A grade?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

20. How much is fast food a danger to health?
21. What are the pros and cons of eating sugar?
22. Home remedies are valid or not?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Issues

23. Why there is gender discrimination in society?
24. Do you think parents should decide their kid’s life?
25. Should homeless people provide shelter or not?

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