30 Most Interesting Contrast and Compare Essay Topics to Write on

Every object in this universe has been subjected to comparison and contrast, at least once during its life span. Whether it is food, weather, jobs, grades or relationships we tend to compare them all due to the presence and significance of relativity criteria in our lives.

This might make you think that writing down a compare and contrast essays is a child’s play but in reality, it’s not the truth, writing a compare and contrast essay requires a competent topic selection and a whole lot of effort.

So what is a compare and contrast essay? It is an essay evaluating and interpreting two objects by jotting down their similarities and differences and drawing parallelism between them.

Similarities are discussed in the comparing part of the essay and differences are discussed in the contrasting part of the essay. It assists people to get awareness of the pros and cons of two objects.

Now you might be pondering that writing on a single topic requires attention and hard work so how will you be able to handle two topics side by side? The answer is provided in this blog post.

Significance of Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Selection

The right choice of topic aids the writer to reach the target audience. Moreover, it helps the readers to reach a critical and well-informed decision. A compare and contrast essay makes your audience/reader assign a weight to the two different criteria mentioned in your essay and interpret accordingly.

Choosing the correct topic will lead to an impactful essay whereas choosing a wrong topic will create chaos. A writer should choose a topic that belongs to the same category yet differs in some aspects to generate an in-depth analysis of the topic.

A set of instructions is mostly given by the instructor yet students should add some personal touch to their essays to leave a mark on their readers by their creative skills.

Being Familiar with your Audience

In order to choose the most relevant topic, the writer should familiarize himself/herself with the target audience. As different readers can relate to different topics, the foremost step a writer should take is to get the basic demo graphical information of the reader.

Target audience is the reader which you intended to reach through your essay. As different readers have different contextual, social and cultural norms, they can relate to different topics.

To choose a topic that fits your set of audience, conduct a background check firstly.

For example if you are writing your essay for a beginner, choose simpler words rather than jargons and consider your audience as Tabula Rasa and assign details to every part of the essay in order to help them to compare and contrast between the two objects effectively.

If you are writing for advanced level readers, make sure to eliminate minute details as it will make the essay sound monotonous to them. Hence, effective research has to be done while keeping the target reader in mind during the topic selection process.

Validity of Facts

Choose a topic that intrigues you and your reader as well. As you choose a topic that fascinates you, the essay writing assignment will not remain a tedious task anymore and you will be able to unleash your creative energy.

Furthermore, choose a topic that has relevant articles present on the internet, this will aid you by providing sufficient details of your topic to evaluate its differences and similarities effectively.

These facts will help to create a link between the two objects which will not only promise a decent grade but an authentic essay as well.

The audience will surely be convinced of the part in your compare and contrast topic which weighs more in the factual criteria.


Topic: Apple vs Android

Interpretation: The reader takes into account the stated facts, weighs them and interprets the information according to his/her own perspective and the credibility of facts stated in the essay.

Essay’s Structure: Compare and contrast essays can be written in two ways

Block Structure: The writer states the all the similarities in one paragraph and differences in the other paragraph of the essay.

Point By Point Structure: The writer states a similarity which is immediately followed by a difference.
Usually the topic is assigned by the instructor but if students are given a choice to select the topic, they are lost in a pool of topics present on the internet which creates mental chaos and confusion.

To solve this problem we will walk you through a set of topics belonging to different categories, so you can choose your desired topic. We have mentioned some topics below from which the writers can choose the best topic which intrigues them.

Humorous Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

1. Washing your dishes or laundry?
2. Who lies more- Student or Accused?
3. Poetry or prose; how to heal a human soul?
4. Flat or bungalow; what makes a person happier?
5. What is more beneficial; sleep or school?
6. How is a man differentiated from an animal?
7. Selfies vs Polaroid’s?
8. Becoming invisible; fun or problematic?
9. Men or women; who gossip more?
10. A memory card or a photo album

Historical Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

1. Renaissance or Baroque Epoch
2. American Government vs Soviet Government
3. World War 1 and World War 2-Similar or different?
4. Donald Trump’s policies vs George Bush Policies
5. Nazism vs Fascism
6. Modern education system vs historical education system
7. Communism vs Capitalism
8. Emigrants vs Immigrants
9. Democracy or Dictatorship?
10. Lincoln’s and Washington’s Ideas

Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College

1. Online communication vs Face to face communication
2. Calling or Texting
3. Online friends vs Real life friends
4. Android vs Apple
5. Laptops vs Personal Computers

Teenage Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

1. Greater influence- Parents or Friends?
2. Branded clothes vs Cheap clothes
3. Online shopping vs In-store shopping
4. Childhood vs Adulthood
5. Jazz vs Classical Music


As the whole essay is focused on a single topic, it becomes a complicated task for writers to select the best topic but as a list of topics has been crafted in this blog, it will help students to navigate their way through the intricate and tricky topic selection process of a compare and contrast essay.

Follow the given instructions and do not let the complicated essay writing task derail you from your main purpose of developing the comparing and contrasting effect in an essay.

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