40 analytical essay topics you should write on


Is writing an analytical essay easy or not? Do you want to know the definition of an analytical essay? Do you know how to select one of the suitable analytical essay topics for your assignment?

Then, writing an analytical is not a difficult task if you have an exact idea of the format or structure of it. In defined, it is an essay in which the writer has to write on some argument or claim (about what he/she is analysis) in simpler terms.

Are you worried about not hearing an “analytical essay” before? Then, you shouldn’t worry about it, you can ask for write my essay assistance from experts here. You must have written these types of essays before, without knowing the specific name of the kind. It implies the importance of an observation related to any idea or a subject.

What is an analytical essay?

In an analytic essay, the writer should use critical thinking and creativity to discuss each argument issue into a simple level of understanding. Before coming to the main topic of “how to select” or some good topics for an analytical essay, you must have an idea about the structural composition of the essay.

It may be possible that your instructor assigns your essay topic himself. Ans if you get the option to choose it yourself, there are many endless possibilities for you to pick a topic. The most recommended is to select a topic of interest.

Important qualities of the analytical essay

Have you ever thought, how a good analytical essay looks like? Well, an effective analytical essay must contain the following qualities:

  •         Introduction (related to the argument)
  •         Presentation (related to the argument)
  •         Analysis part
  •         Personal comment/ response
  •         Conclusion (related to the argument)

Various types of analytical essays

  1. Persuasive Analytical Essay

In a persuasive analytical essay, you have to fulfill the requirement of an argumentative essay writing with strong evidence and facts from various sources.

  1. Analytical Expository Essay

In this type of essay writing, the writer needs to explain any certain idea, book, story, art with complete data for his/her reader.

  1. Analytical History Essay

In this type of essay writing, the writer has to analyze any event particular from history and also have to give relevant background details with supportive evidence.

  1. Analytical Comparison Essay

An analytical comparison essay in which you have to take evidence, data, or information from different sources and have to compare them to get into a conclusion. Thus, in simple words, you have to break down complicated topics into smaller parts and have to analyze them from various points of view.

This type of essay compares different ideas, books, and texts. It must provide arguments and evidence for all the things you are comparing. It aims to give an informed conclusion at the end.

Tips for choosing an effective analytical essay topic

  1. You should have a defined objective and purposes before starting your writing. You should be well organized in selecting the type of analytical essay. I would recommend choosing the topic of your interest. It will help you to present logical progress and essay with a proper conclusion.
  2. Don’t choose different topics, and you will face difficulty in finding related material. Always use the present tense for writing an analytical essay. Avoid informal language and contractions.
  3. An analytical essay doesn’t mean that you have to plot a story; rather than, the writer has to analyze the topic. The main aim of the essay is to show the reader, and the writer wants to show. This is only possible through a strategy technique, texts and personal response.

40 analytical essay topics:

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

  1. Pros of drinking water
  2. Cons of eating sugary meals
  3. Does regular exercise help to lose weight?
  4. Does listening to music have positive benefits on health?
  5. How can depression damage our health?
  6. What are the pros and cons of taking medicine on a regular basis?

Analytical Essay Topics on Society

  1. What are the pros and cons of playing games on kids?
  2. How single parenting affect child mentality and behavior?
  3. How domestic violence affects a girl’s life?
  4. What are the pros and cons of having feminism thoughts?
  5. How to balance between a family and a career life?
  6. How to end gender discrimination from our societies?

Analytical Essay Topics on Personality

  1. What are the pros and cons of peer pressure?
  2. Why are teens more into drug addiction?
  3. What is the role of a good teacher on the personalities of her students?
  4. What are the consequences of gambling?
  5. How to deal with personality disorder person?
  6. Which addiction is common among teens?

Analytical Essay Topics on Education and School

  1. What are the pros and cons of wearing a school uniform?
  2. How many school authorities play a role in the child’s development?
  3. Which subject is essential: Science or art?
  4. Is it compulsory to go for a job after education?
  5. How to improve living standards with education?
  6. Is bullying a curse at the school level?

Youth and Teens Essay Topics

  1. Influence of internet on youth
  2. Why teens and young people are overusing mobile phones?
  3. Why our youth is so rude these days?
  4. The role of parents on the life of the youth
  5. How to deal with study pressure on teens?
  6. Reasons for cyber bullying
  7. How is social media affecting our generation?

Movies and Entertainment Topic Ideas

  1. Should kids watch TV shows alone?
  2. Advantages of reading a book over watching a movie.
  3. How horror movies affect child psychology?
  4. Disadvantages of watching shows over reading books.
  5. Is it good to watch reality shows?

Analytical Essay Topics on People

  1. Why do people have feelings of love and hate?
  2. Why do people differ in appearance?
  3. Why do some people smoke a lot?
  4. Why do people have different speaking languages?

From these lists, you can choose anyone for your assignment. If you’re still unsure about writing or choosing an analytical topic, then you can avail our expert and cheap essay writing service.