Essay Writing Problems Students Deal With, Solution Is Here


Did you ever find yourself sitting in front of the computer screen or a blank piece of paper for hours and thinking about the best possible way to fill it with relevant words? It is safe to say that such a simple task can be frustrating for most of the students as they are unable to find the right words to convey their information to the relevant readers. Let’s put our heads together to discuss the problems students face while writing an essay and the best possible ways to tackle them.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is present in the introductory paragraph of an essay which states the main topics and the controlling idea. In a thesis statement the writer specifies the type of essay and whether the essay is argumentative, narrative or descriptive and later on states the topic sentence with certain information that supports the main idea using two or three evidences by the writer.

As the thesis statement is made up of one or two sentences present in the introductory paragraph it builds the expectations or dashes the hopes of the reader. The problem students face while writing a compelling thesis statement is that people write a descriptive thesis instead of an argumentative one, a descriptive thesis statement replicates or restates the topic whereas an argumentative one mentions the points or claims regarding the main topic. Moreover students write vague or superfluous thesis statement which does not mention the three main statements to be explained later on.

In order to decipher this issue the writer should write a statement that reflects the main idea and is not more than two or three sentences. Also, write the main idea in such a way that it shows your stance or position regarding the topic, use clear and concise grammar, use coordinating conjunctions and settle on one single focus.


Even when you do not know a single word and can find your whole assignment written on a website, resorting to copying it is still not an option in this high tech world as you can always be caught red-handed. The practice of using someone else’s work as your own is called plagiarism or infringement of copyright. Every student is restricted from plagiarizing essays as it is an unethical practice because the grade you get is not the grade you deserve, moreover it is deserved by the original writer, so it is considered a serious offence in the writer’s world.

Even though we all obtain most of the information for our essays or research papers from the internet, still our essays should be plagiarism free. In order to avoid plagiarism writers should understand the context and rephrase the gathered information in their own words. An impactful paraphrasing could be done by taking various online paraphrasing tests and exercises. Moreover, writers should use in-text referencing to give acknowledgement to the original content writer. An ease has been provided to writers in the form of online plagiarism checkers. You run a plagiarism check through your article, the website provides you with the similarity index with the plagiarised statements highlighted. This lends a hand to remove similarity or plagiarism. Some online plagiarism checkers are Duplichecker, Grammarly and Plagiarisma. 

Obliviousness To Target Audience

One size fits all is a technique which has rebuffed over time. Every writer should be familiar with his/her target audience to grab their attention and increase the relatability. One of the main problems writers face while writing an essay is that they are unaware of their target audience’s expectations and needs. If your customer is in need of a three course meal and you give them a dessert, will you be able to satisfy their cravings? No. Same is the case for a writer, as readers belong to different social, cultural or religious backgrounds, without knowing the target audience a writer may include information or language which offends or displeases the reader. Moreover, certain piece of information might show up as unreal or unreliable due to variation in norms.

In order to save your reader from going through a cultural shock and never coming back to your essay, conduct an extensive analysis of the demographical features of your target audience. Achieve a grasp of your reader’s expectations according to their sociocultural backgrounds and fulfil them in your essay. You can get the desired information from the internet as well as questionnaires and surveys. Try using this information in an impactful way as your readers have been narrowed down now.

To give a well-structured and effective conclusion to your essay summarize your essay in a precise manner using the main topics stated in thesis statement. Secondly, paint a clear picture of your topic in the reader’s mind by the help of clear descriptive terms to give a vivid ending statement. Lastly, leave the reader with a need to take action by convincing him/her about your stance or universalize your stance with comparing it to similar situations in order to achieve the bond of familiarity. This will surely create an ever-lasting impact. 


Towards reaching the end, the writers are usually drained of energy but they forget that giving a proper ending can leave a long-lasting impact on your readers. The basic problem with writing a conclusion is that usually writers introduce a new statement in conclusion rather than summing it all up. Moreover, some people focus on a minor detail or apologize for their point of view. This creates chaos in the reader’s mind and an uneven picture of your main topic as well which eventually leads to disappointment.

Essay writing is surely full of problems which might make the writer frustrated and leave him/her clueless when given such a tiring and monotonous task. However,  by following the above mentioned techniques any person can develop and attain the skills to write an effective essay and get an A grade on it. By walking on the path carved in this blog, one can surely reach his/her destination of a well-written and demonstrative essay. The writer just needs to keep certain facts straight and bring clarity in his/her thoughts to inscribe and communicate a well-written essay to the readers.
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