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Suppose your parents have worked hard and paid your high school fee with all their hard-earned money. You honored their laboriousness and managed to achieve good grades and academic success throughout your high school life. Now you are an academically strong student and plan to study in one of the top notch universities in USA. The thought that frightens you is that these USA universities may set you back a huge amount of money and cost an arm and a leg. The experience of studying in a university in USA can become plain sailing and rewarding if one is able to get scholarships in Universities.


A scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education. It is awarded on academic or co-curricular achievements. Getting a full ride scholarship in USA that covers a student’s educational as well as living expenses(including travel expenses, books, medical etc.) is a dream of every student but in order to fulfil this dream students should follow a certain criteria. Usually most of the students are unaware of how to get scholarships and thus suffer throughout their academic career. The guide given below paves a way for the students to get a scholarship in USA.

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Places to find a full-ride Scholarship:

Majority of the USA scholarships are available for the US citizens, so the international students should look for scholarships online and check the merit criteria. Moreover, students can also contact their desired universities to get information about the selection criteria. Students should also look for universities that are ‘safe’ for their grades which can be judged by the grades of already admitted students. Universities which lack recognition should also be considered if a student is looking for a full-ride scholarship as they are willing to include academically strong candidates to make their profiles stronger. Let us take a look at the various universities that offer full-ride scholarships and their selection criteria.

  • American University

    Located in Washington DC, this well-known university offers scholarships for free tuition fee and living expenses for four years, which cover the whole undergraduate degree’s expenses. If you are unable to achieve this dreamy scholarship, do not lose hope, certain partial scholarships are available as well. Look for them now!

  • Berea College

    This university might sound like a dream to most of the students looking for scholarships as it offers 100% scholarship to 100% of its enrolled students which makes their first year hastle-free. After that the students are instructed to save $1000 per year to contribute to their expenses. Students can earn these $1000 by doing part time jobs as well as working in the summer school of Berea College.

  • Clark University

    This university offers merit-based grants to academically strong students and also benefits international students by providing scholarships of $20,000 to $25,000 per annum. This would help to manage their expenses and studies in an efficient way.

  • Michigan State University

    This well-known university has a Global Spartan Leadership Programme for international students. Students awarded with this scholarship are given $25,000 if they manage to reach the attendance criteria of various training and cultural events. Students also receive monetary amount of $1000 if their essay on ‘College Experience’ wins the top prize.

Standardised Tests for USA Scholarships/Admissions

As we have covered some of the universities which offer a wide range of scholarships, we also need to get some basic awareness of the standardized tests taken to apply to these top-notch universities. Most of the students applying for the USA universities are well-aware of the basic tests but in this article we shall get into the details of the tests.

  • SAT

    It is a standardized test that measures a student’s strengths in three core areas which are critical reading, mathematics and writing. There is also an optional essay writing test in SAT as well. It is taken by students of grade 11 and 12 so that they can apply to different colleges. The total time duration of SAT is 3 hours and 50 minutes. It measures a student’s ability in five different areas which include English, Math, History, Science and Languages. There are certain specific subjects as well which include Biology, Modern Hebrew etc.

  • ACT

    It is a test which measures learning abilities rather than knowledge. It is also a widely accepted test in most of the universities. It consists of Multiple Choice Questions which are based on reading, English, Science and Mathematics. Like the SAT test, ACT test also contains a writing plus section in which students take an additional writing test. Students can take ACT several times in a year to include it in their university applications.

  • GRE

    The Graduate Record Examination is taken by students willing to apply abroad for their Graduate Degree Programme. It measures the verbal, quantitative and analytical skills. The time duration is three hours and it is held several times during the year at specific test centres. A subject test related to their undergraduate major is taken by the applicants.


    Another standardised test for foreign applicants is called TOEFL. It is based on reading, listening, speaking and writing. The total time duration is 3 hours so plan and manage your time accordingly. A good TOEFL score is anything that gets you in your dream university. Usually universities prefer a TOEFL score of 60-100+. Requirements vary in different universities so the students can set their goals according to their desired university’s accepted TOEFL score.


By now you are well aware of the details of the top universities of USA which offer scholarships as well as the required tests for getting into these universities, do not waste your time and start preparing for these tests which will take you to your dream university. Various online resources are present too which aid the students in preparation of these tests and ultimately scholarships. Past papers can also help the applicants. Although getting a full-ride scholarship is not an easy breezy task but aim for it and you will be able to at least achieve partial scholarships which decrease the financial load to a great extent.
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