How to Improve your Writing Skills

Have you ever written a text message that lacked clarity, an email that had no link between the sentences, a resume that kept you from landing a job?

1. Introduction

Having adequate writing skills is essential to survive in today’s world which revolves around written communication, differentiates between a good and a bad employee based on his/her writing skills and demands self-expression.

Let’s discover and discuss some tips on how to improve your writing skills.

2. Seven Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

In order to improve your english writing skills, you must know the following tips. These will not only help you in your academic career, but will also make your speaking skills strong in your daily life.

1- Basic Knowledge

To express your feelings and emotions with clarity you need to have basic knowledge about English grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction.

To improve your vocabulary focus on the sentences being spoken in a season you love and try using those sentences in your day to day conversations. This will not only enhance your vocabulary but will also give you a clear way to express yourself with proper sentence construction.

Basic knowledge can also be attained by focusing on the sentences mentioned in a novel and reading them out loud to soak up knowledge.

2- Reading to Learn

All of us read stuff in one form or another. Some people love to go through blogs on a regular basis whereas some are avid readers of magazines, and some like stories. Consider me, i love reading stories and one of my favourite stories is Lamb to the Slaughter.

Whatever you read, make sure to learn something from it as well.

Focus on the writer’s expression, style and sentence structure. Keep writing like your favorite writer for your own practice and make somebody read it in order to receive the required validation. Even if nobody is eager to read your piece of writing initially, wait for the day you master this skill and show it to the world later on.

Extensively reading articles, blogs, books or even your course books can improve your writing skills drastically.

This will also make learning new writing skills fun. Also, reading what you want to write about is also an important step on your road towards improve. Reading how other people write about the stuff you want to write will increase your knowledge about your particular niche and will give you tips to write effective articles.

3- Initial Planning before Writing

In order to improve your writing skills, you need to pre-plan it all.

Before creating your piece of writing, begin by creating a draft and an outline. A draft will help you adjust information and brainstorm creative ideas. Give brainstorming and drafting half of the time of your writing task will result in a higher quality outcome. Brainstorming different ideas during the day will get your creative juices flowing. As you allocate most of the time to draft the article, it will unleash your creative energy throughout the day. Drafting and outlining will also structure your writing task in a competent way.

Moreover, before you start your assignment focus on the information you plan to include in it and divide the piece of writing accordingly.

4- Target Audience

When you cook dinner for somebody you prioritize his/her choices, when you buy a dress for somebody you think about his/her clothing preferences. So why not inculcate this habit in your writing style as well?

Keeping in mind that the target audience for every piece of writing is different will help you reach masses. Due to variation in their social, cultural and contextual backgrounds people interpret information differently. Firstly, collect basic demographic information and focus on a particular set of audience. Gaining knowledge about their interpretation will help you choose the right words and halt you from offending your reader. Being a people pleaser is strenuous and if you try to appeal to everyone it will eventually please nobody. Same is the case for writing, focusing your attention on a target audience will take you places and focusing on everybody will get you nowhere.

Gaining sufficient knowledge about your audience’s choices, their needs and expectations can make your writing skills more effective. What you put your attention on, grows. This will eventually make your target audience double up and your words will reach the worthy ears.

5- Structure Articles

Whether it is your cupboard, room or piece of writing, everything looks better when it is organized and structured. Choose a reader’s hook to grab your reader’s attention, a detailed main body to give your reader a broad view and clear idea of your main topic and an impactful ending. The readers hook can be a quote, rhetorical question or an anecdote to grab attention. Moving onto the main body of your piece of writing, fill it with relevant information to familiarize your reader with your stance. Finally, the closing should be designed in such a way that it leaves an impact on your reader’s mind. You can either do it by leaving some room for reader’s imagination or construct a cliched ending.

Leaving some room for reader’s imagination will make the reader think about your writing for the next two days which shows that your writing was an effective one whereas a cliched closing will make you lose a reader.

6- Be Original

In a world where everything has already been said, it is difficult to maintain originality. In order to improve your writing skills one should try to be original.

Originality can be attained by listening to your heart and not reading your competitor’s ideas 24/7 as reading your competitors’ ideas will influence your writing style and that influence will be seen in your writing. To maintain originality listen to your gut feeling and break free from the conventional ideas. Original ideas influence readers and they come back to read your piece of writings more often.

By researching extensively on a topic, you can get the desired information and merge it with your original thoughts to give it a shade of originality.

7- Include Facts

Nobody likes to read a piece of a writing with vast information which is not supported by any facts and figures. By including facts and figures in your writing you can achieve reader’s trust and build your credibility.

Readers will consider your writing style to be factual rather than full of false information. A factual writing style also keeps the readers hooked and they will always return back to your writings due to their strong credibility. Doing an extensive research on the topic will help you get your facts straight which will be depicted in your writing style.

Don’t forget to research before you begin as it will only create an article full of fillers and irrelevant information.

3. Conclusion

To sum it all up let your creative juices flow and see the magic. Once you have the basic knowledge about the subject be as creative as you can to write successfully. One can not become the top writer in a day but we can all reach there eventually.

Writing, like many other skills, can be learned. Writers just need to be consistent and write minimum words in the beginning phases to make writing a habit rather than a frustrating task.

Tips to improve your essay writing and research paper writing skills

In the long run these steps will make your words reach the world someday. But if you still find it boring and want someone for your homework help instead of doing it yourself, you are more than welcome to visit our website and order homework for money.