How to Write an Argumentative Essay – Complete Guide

This blog will be very helpful for you to develop a strong understanding if you don’t have an idea on how to write an argumentative essay.

You will be able to write a grade winning essay if you follow the main theme of this article written for your ease.

1. What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay which is written to persuade readers to change their point of view or their way of thinking. It is usually written on a particular cause or issue with supporting evidence and facts.

To have a compelling and well written argumentative essay, you have to provide qualified and justified reasons and logics to present your view point to your opposite thinking readers.

A good argumentative essay should meet specific criteria with a basic grasp of writing skills, persuasive argument and a convincing language. If you’re looking for an perfect argumentative essay to be written because you dont have enough time to write it at your own, you can simply ORDER here on our website and get a fantastic piece of paper written by expert writers.

The primary purpose of an argumentative essay is to clarify the thoughts, ideas or thinking and to articulate and accurate them in the better version with a respectful way. Here, is the step by step guideline to write an argumentative essay.

2. How to Research Potential Topics for an Argumentative Essay?

You can find them everywhere, in news headlines, available blogs/articles on internet or conversation with your friend or parents. These days, most of the people are arguing or persuading just to change other’s thinking.

Before exploring the topics, consider these points:

– Background of the problem

– Is this topic being important enough to argue?

– Which argument to support?

An argumentative essay is based on two strong viewpoints, which should be logical and reasonable without giving a personal or emotional touch. Pick a topic; you are determined about the most. One of the essential and crucial elements in an argumentative essay is to ponder and present every side of the story and assess it after analysis it on the whole. Always give educated and solid arguments to bring clarification to the reader’s mind. While arguing, it is necessary to provide sound pieces of evidence while considering the five most common questions Like






3. What are the elements of an argumentative essay?

Some of the elements required for formatting an argumentative essay are:

1- Introduction

The introductory paragraph is meant to give an idea about the topic. It is the foremost part of an argumentative essay offering a meticulous in the focusing matter and also helps to compare and contrasts between arguments.

The introduction paragraph provides a link to the central body part without revealing facts and data. While writing the introduction, don’t move away from the focus topic.

To encourage the interest and attention of the reader provide some informative points and some arguments with a transition statement. Conclude your introductory paragraph by direct thesis statement and quickly move into the next element of the body.

The purpose of the thesis statement is to indicate the topic by discussing incoming parts of the essay. The thesis statement should be informative enough to catch the reader attention and also create curiosity in him.

You have to be smart in writing a thesis statement as if people don’t find it interesting, and they will never seek a glance at the next parts. Want distinctions in all subjects? Get best Homework Help from us and make your dreams of an A grade come true.


• Explain the viewpoint while considering the title of the essay.

• Which elemental part is the most attractive and persuasive?• Ensure the thesis statements to be precise and clear as it will help the reader to grab the attention.

2- Main Body

The body section comprises of three or more paragraphs with a primary focus on evidential arguments. Whether it should be logical, factual or statistical. This part should be well researched and detailed, with a sound point of views in favor or against.

Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence which covers the main idea of the topic. This section should be strongly supported with research, studies, statistics or text citations.

The main body is the section where you can claim your argument with examples and can able to change the thinking of the reader without hurting its emotional. If you’re looking for an expert research paper writer for your help, then avail our services.

A body paragraph is an essential section, which should be addressed with favor or opposing facts and to explain why you disagree with them. Considering a topic from every point of view increases the credibility and trust of the reader’s.


• You must include a minimum of three or more than three to support your argument.

• Each reason should be supportive by irrefutable facts, data, statistics and arguments.

• Your objective should be clear and focus.

• You should also be ready for any objection or refute from a reader.

3- Conclusion

The conclusion is all about the summary of the main points of the essay. In the end, you have to wrap up the introduction, main body and thesis statement is an exact way.

The concluding part is the impressive and significant part for the reader. Remember not to focus on any other information which is not relatable as there is no space for a new topic.


• The conclusion should include a final statement that can persuade the reader to mind to any final decision.

• Use mature and logical wordings for your closing remarks.

• Provide real-life examples to prove your argument.

Some Guidelines for an attractive argumentative essay

1. Don’t use emotional or insulting language to support your argument.

2. Respect each other point of views and don’t devalue each other.

3. Use supporting data and evidence for your statements.

4. Outline each argument and work according to it.

5. Have determined and focus objective in your mind with some predicting facts too.

6. Gain a little bit of information by reading blogs or articles related to argumentative essay and see what works or whatnot.

An argumentative essay went through many procedures before becoming successful. Do the topic’s research, choose your valid and logical argument and reasoning, developed an outstanding outline and go through the editing and modified method, before giving it a final look, don’t forget to through some excellent examples related to argumentative essay. These measurements will help you to write an effective and mind-blowing essay. If you still need more information about how to write an argumentative essay, hire our write my essay for me service and get the best essay written.