Useful Techniques to Write an Analytical Essay


Writing essays is not everyone’s cup of tea and when it comes to writing an analytical essay, most of the writers find it an intimidating task as they are unaware of the techniques to construct a well-structured analytical essay. An analytical essay is an essay in which the writer presents his/her stance or point of view regarding a topic he/she is analysing. Furthermore, the writer critiques, analyses and interprets information. An analysis can range from analysing a film, an issue or an idea. In order to write an analytical essay the write divides the whole text into subtopics and allocate evidence in regard to every topic. Let us now make writing an analytical essay an easy breezy task for the writers by following a few techniques.


  • Find the Core

    As you have to conduct an in-depth analysis of the issue, study the analysis object thoroughly. Subsequent to gathering the information, provide the reader with supporting evidence of your stance. If you are writing about a movie, you could either support a character by giving evidence in his/her favour or write your stance against him/her by gathering events from the movie. If the analytical analysis is based on an historical event, state facts that have caused the event to occur.

  • Outline

    After all the research has been assembled, prepare an outline for your essay. An outline acts a draft for the main essay in which the writer structures and formats his/her essay. The outline reveals that an analytical essay is generally a five paragraph essay with an introduction, three argumentative paragraphs based on the gathered evidence and an impactful conclusion.

  • Commence Writing

    When you begin by writing an introduction, try to be as creative and engaging as you can to hook the readers. The thesis statement should be well-written as it forebodes the whole essay and sets the bar high for the readers by giving a brief look of the whole essay, whereas an unstructured thesis statement will show that the writer himself does not have a strong grip over the argument. To write an effective thesis statement use clear and concise verbs. Moreover, the thesis statement should make a defensible claim about the particular incident which is going to be analysed so that it evokes the reader’s analytical side.

Example: To succeed as an athlete, you need more than just talent; it is also necessary to develop a positive mental attitude to help you move forward in the time of adversity

  • Indestructible Evidence

    Supporting an essay through tough times is the job of the writer. Whether it is a court case or an analytical essay to provide support to your claim, you need powerful evidences. In an analytical essay, evidences can be obtained from the text itself. Also, primary sources such as interviews and questionnaires can be used for an in-depth analysis. To find supporting evidence that is not present in the text and supplements your main text, take help from secondary sources such as internet, research papers etc. After gathering the evidence, organize it in a way that it supports your stance on the topic. Unorganized evidence often misleads the readers. Also, include statistical data as its validity can never be questioned. Play devil’s advocate and ask a friend to constantly interrogate you, in this way you will be able to defend your main stance in an effective way.

Some Sources of Evidence

  1. Print and Electronic Sources: Books, websites and journals are encompassed in print and electronic sources.
  2. Observation: Look around for the evidence! Observation is one of the most accurate method to conduct an analysis as it is done by the writer himself.
  3. Interviews: If no evidence can be collected, resort to interviews. Interrogating people about your topic will equip you with strong evidences too.
  • Well-developed Body Paragraphs

    This is where all your efforts come to fruition. Body paragraphs are the paragraphs of the essay which describe the initial arguments/claims stated in the thesis statement which shows that the number of body paragraphs is equal to the main points mentioned in the thesis statement, which are usually three to four. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence which sheds light and gives an insight on the details of the paragraph so choose it wisely. Subsequent to the topic sentence, elaborate the topic sentence in a detailed yet precise way by supporting it throughout the essay.

  • Epilogue

    This is the section of the essay which holds the foremost importance as it sums it all up and works as the final chance to persuade the reader. Therefore, while concluding the article make sure the flow of paragraphs is smooth and the whole essay moves towards the conclusion in a logical and coherent way. As people are usually persuaded by credible authors and sources try enumerating a well-known author’s quotation that acts as an evidence of your perspective and provides a bigger-world connection. Conclusion can also be written by bringing a new perspective to an argument articulated earlier, but make sure to never establish an entirely new point in your concluding paragraph as it will only create chaos and confusion for the reader. Proof read your essay to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. As we are generally blind to our own mistakes, make someone else read it as well. After giving it the final retouches, read it out loud to see if your paragraphs are linked in a rational way and the words stand the test of time.


In the end take into consideration that nobody can develop or attain analytical skills overnight, so practice, practice and practice till you master this skill of analysing and convincing the world. By following the techniques revealed in this blog, you can jot down a well-written analytical essay and make an enduring impression on the reader. Moreover, spend your time devouring the well-written articles online which will help you to absorb the knowledge and techniques handed-down by credible and reliable writers as this will bring a glimpse of proficiency in your analytical essays. Congratulations! You can manage to write a formidable analytical essay now.

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