Top Universities in Canada and their Eligibility Criteria

Students around the world are constantly looking for better academic opportunities in order to secure a better future. In this hunt most of them choose Canada for higher studies.

The reason behind it is Canada’s first-rate education, diverse community and secure environment.

This blog will be help you to get knowledge about the top universities in canada and their eligibility criterias


Top universities are the intitutes that are among the best-ranked universities of the world in every aspect.

Education in Canada is a part of the jurisdiction of the country’s ten provinces. This shows that quality assurance is provided by the provincial legislation. Eligibility Criteria is the minimum academic requirement for getting into a university/college.

2. Universities to apply in

As the universities of Canada are ranked amongst the top universities, A high standard has been set for getting admissions. In 2018 more than 215,000 candidates applied for Canadian universities.

These universities also provide a warm welcome to international students to increase their diversity rate, this can be seen by the fact that international student’s rate grew by 15% between 2017-2018.

Students are willing to apply to Canadian Universities as their degrees are recognized throughout the world and Canadian students are able to secure better positions in the corporate sector as well as the academic world.

Another benefit of being a Canadian student is that Canadian students are able secure high quality education along with flexible disciplines. Moreover, students can also retain permanent residence in the country.

As there is a never-ending list of benefits of being a Canadian student let us look at the list of the top Canadian universities and their eligibility criteria in this article.

1- University of Toronto

It is a well-known university located in the colony of Upper Canada. Following the collegiate system this university was the pioneer of Canada’s first Publishing House and Forest Science Faculty.

The historical building of the university makes it even more attractive for the students.

The university offers around 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 post-graduate degrees.

The eligibility criteria includes being proficient in English Language which can be judged by a proficiency exam.

This is only applicable to international students, therefore, international students need to attach a link of an English Language Proficiency Exam taken within the last 24 months at the time of application submission.

Moreover, full time students should have a degree with a minimum B grade from any renowned university.

For part-time students the minimum requirement is a Bachelors Degree in the relevant field but they are not promised a Master’s Degree later on.

Applicants need to take a GRE test.

2- McGill University

It enjoys a special status among the Canadian Universities due to its representation in the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leader’s Forum.

Founded in 1821, it is situated in Mount Royal, Montreal. In 1829 the field of Medical was introduced in McGill University.

The building is made up of Grey Limestone which gives it a historical look. The eligibility criteria is a minimum of 3 GPA or a 3.2 GPA in the last two years of studies.

This may also vary from degree to degree. Check the official website for further details.

3- University of Columbia

It is ranked among the top 30 public universities of Canada.

The campuses are located in Vancouver and Kelowna. The campus consists of Botanical gardens which makes it a pleasant site for visitors and students.

Its notable alumni include eight Nobel Prize winners. 12 faculties are present in the main campus and 7 in the Kelowna Campus.

The eligibility criteria for Masters Degree Programme is B+ grade in the last 2 years of Bachelors Degree.

Academic education of at least 12 years is required in the relevant field of study as well.

4- University of Montreal

The second largest university of Canada comprising of more than 37000 students is University of Montreal.

It has the image of high diversity as 1/4th of the students are from different countries. Along with academics the university is famous for its sports community as well. A student is considered eligible if he/she has a Bachelors Degree while applying for a Masters Degree Programme.

To get enrolled in the PhD programme, completion of Masters Degree is required. Students with 30 university credits are exempted tor the first year.

5- University of Alberta

Located in Edmonton , Alberta, this university is ranked among the 5 top Canadian Universities. It is a public research university founded in 1908.

The university is considered a “Comprehensive academic and research university” (CARU) due to it’s wide range of degree programmes at undergraduate and graduate level. The alumni include Prime Minister Joe Clark, Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and Richard E. Taylor.

At undergraduate level the eligibility criteria is 70% based on five school level subjects. None of these subjects should have a grade lower than the minimum passing grade. An application is considered by the university after the submission of GCE results. Some degrees also allow transfer credits. ACT and SAT exams are taken to secure admissions in the prestigious University of Alberta.

A SAT score of 1600 and ACT score of 26 is required to get into Alberta.

3. Conclusion

Although different eligibility criteria have been mentioned in this article, the interested candidates must also visit the websites of their desired universities to get updates about the application submission deadlines and further details.

The advantages of being a Canadian Student is that these universities offer a wide range of degrees in the cosmopolitan cities. The living expenses are also lower than other English countries which usually cost an arm and a leg. Moreover, due to a wide range of diversity students consider it easier to adjust in Canada as homesickness can actually take a toll on students’ health and academic performance, but these diverse communities make it easier for students to survive and succeed.

The rate of part time jobs is relatively high as well due to which the students can afford their living expenses without burdening their families.

The students will also be able to able to polish and develop their technical skills. Due to the wide exposure students are able to explore better career opportunities which may not be present in their hometowns. So what are you waiting for? Apply in the top Canadian Universities and secure a better tomorrow.

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