Your Perfect Essay Confidentiality Policy

We have a very strict policy on privacy of student’s assignment. We monitor each and everything very seriously and take notice when needed.

We Never share your personal details with the writer.

You should prefer talking to the writer via our customer support that is available 24/7 to assist you. Try not to share your contact number or email with the writer. Whatever you need to share with the writer, you can ask our customer support to share that for you.

Don’t share your academic credentials with the writer

We prefer that you should send the required documents and information yourself rather than providing your academic login details. It is strongly discouraged that you allow anyone to access your academic portal.

Do not pay the writer directly.

We had a case in our legal department related to this scam. You should pay directly on our website, it is totally safe. We do not collect your personal or credit card information and we have a transparent money back guarantee.

How It Works


Place an order

Select the paper type, page limit, discipline, and format, and then set the deadline. Specify your paper instructions and attach the additional materials.

Track the progress

Check the finished parts of the paper and ask for amendments if necessary. Use the online chat for quick communication with the writer.

Receive a paper

Release the payment when you are fully satisfied with the work. Leave feedback to share your experience with our writer.

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